Top Paying Jobs in Pakistan

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Top Paying Jobs in Pakistan

To keep maintaining a quality standard of living, a handsome amount of salary should be in your hands. For this purpose, one should have to work hard, try to seek technical skills, or should be able to get higher education in a specific field. Now, the question arises, which field should be selected for uplifting your amount of earning. So, in context to answering this question, some of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan are given below: 

The careers described below were found from every kind of working field including the public or private sector. 



Surgeon Top Salaries in Pakistan

Starting from this field of profession, it’s considered to be a highly paid job within the country. Their salary ranges from 161,000 PKR to 462,000 PKR. The nature of this field is having critics in it, due to this reason, the surgeon should have to keep him/herself from advanced knowledge and should able to seek learning factors in every age of their profession.  

Corporate lawyers’ Top Salaries in Pakistan

Corporate lawyers come after the surgeon’s profession under this hierarchyTheir salary ranges from 110,000 PKR to 314,000 PKR. It’s considered the most significant cause they are responsible to give a turn of your whole life within just a minute by announcing a decision towards their clients. They just have to make their case strong and should be able to expose strong evidence in front of the court, judge, and audiences. 

CEOs Top Salaries in Pakistan

Chief Executive Officers of any organization are accounted as a strong pillar of the specified organization, company, institution or, industry. They invest a huge amount of cash for their business, now it’s up to their luck or having powerful business skills, can uplift their business and reaches a point where he/she can touch the grounds of profits or even can place his/her whole investment into risks. Their salary ranges more than 4,957,936 PKR.

IT Manager Highest Salaries in Pakistan

Their average salary ranges from 492,000 PKR to 720,000 PKR. They are responsible to maintain their company’s computers and stuff related to technology. Not only this, they managed the procedures through which they can keep designing, planning and, implementing all information technology services. 

Marketing Manager Top Salaries in Pakistan

Digital Marketing Manager average salary ranges from 427,000 PKR to 508,000 PKR. The person by following this field can perform various tasks related to advertising and sale or purchasing factors of the specified products. They work under the term of team-work and introduces sometimes new campaigns for different brands. 

Doctors salaries in Pakistan

Starting from their house job practice their salary ranges from 600,000 PKR to 135,000 PKR. A general doctor performs various tasks such as routine check-ups and examinations of their patients. He/she must be well-aware of the report checking procedures and then able to analyze the ailment. Then do prescribe the relevant medicines in accordance to keep their patients healthy. 

Anesthesiologist salaries in Pakistan

Their average salary ranges from 146,000 PKR to 431,000 PKR. They headed their surgeons and are accountable to give anesthesia to the patients. These doctors have complete knowledge of the dose intake amount among their patients.