Part Time Data Entry Jobs Requirements in Pakistan

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Part Time Data Entry Jobs Requirements

With a sound information of Microsoft Excel, you can opt for data entry jobs in Pakistan. Currently, this is a best option for students to earn easy money. This job can also be availed by those who want a part-time job and even by those who want to work from home. In todays article, we are going to provide vital information about full time and part time data entry jobs in Pakistan, associated duties and requirements.

Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Data Entry Jobs are in abundance. Data Entry Jobs are considered as one of the most favorable for students and those who want to work in part time too. With a pay scale ranging from 15 K to 50 K Pakistani Rupees per month for full day jobs and 10 K – 40 K PKR per month for part-time entry-level data entry jobs, it enables students to have a sufficient pocket money.

How to get Part Time Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan?

Still wondering how to get data entry jobs in Pakistan? We bet you will be surprised to know how easy it is. Following are the list of platforms that advertise data entry and several other jobs. Categorized on the basis of feasibility, ease of access and functionality, here is the list of platforms you can get data entry jobs from.


‘Indeed’ is the leading platform with the most convenient way for you to find and apply for the jobs. Just create your account, enter all your experience precisely and when you are done making an account then. In the keywords search bar enter part time data entry jobs.  Apply filters that suits you and you will get a complete list of jobs that meet your requirements.

Another job giant actively working in Pakistan. Just like indeed, create an account and search for data entry jobs in the keyword search bar. On, you can customize your job finding with the salary range too.


LinkedIn is not precisely a job search engine but a professional platform to connect with like minded professionals, see their stories and post or post your own stories. On this platform, those who require employees for their companies or organizations will post out the vacancy and you can directly text them with their cv and discuss about it.

Data Entry Job Requirements

Data Entry Jobs requirements vary differently depending upon the nature of data needed to entered.

Following is a list of most common requirements

Education Required

  • Your latest degree or diploma
  • Experience
  • Basic computer courses

Required Skills

  • Quick Typing
  • Sound Computer Knowledge
  • Confidentiality
  • Punctuality
  • Data Entry Job responsibilities
  • Following is the list of responsibilities that data entry clerk needs to be fulfilled.
  • Produce and maintain certain data bases.
  • Review complete data for error checks or deficiencies
  • Entering alphabetic or numeric information using different input devices
  • To follow various data entry procedures and techniques.
  • To ensure there is no replication or duplication of data and files.
  • Keep the record updated.
  • Work from home data entry jobs requires strict availability at required time
  • Online data entry jobs require you to have a stable and strong internet connection.
  • Report missing data to the authorities
  • Produce records before the deadlines
  • Entry level data entry jobs require consistency and patience above all other things.

Data Entry Job Benefits

Part time data entry jobs or work at home base Data entry Jobs in Pakistan have following common benefits.

  • For full time data entry jobs, when you get a strong hold of it, it will be fairly easy to you to manage data with every passing day.
  • Your experience in data entry jobs can get you pay scale rise.
  • At home data entry jobs are the most convenient as its name suggests ‘at home’.
  • You learn several additional skills while being at data entry jobs.
  • Most of the organizations pay you for the overtime too.