How to find a job most suitable for you? 

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The competition for jobs has become more hard and tough, as so many people are looking to find a job. However, you make several common mistakes that you commit most of the time while searching for jobs. You mostly don’t focus on the requirements of the company that results in useless interview visits. You cannot proofread your own resume, as it’s a natural mindset is won’t be able to spot so many errors in your resume. As you know employers are very clever and notice each and every aspect with great care. Not only, your resume result in failure of finding the best job, despite any minor mistake will be composing an email or filling a form also matters. You feel that the internet has all the job posts as a scam. Or you don’t get to set appropriate filters to display the most suitable jobs for you. You might surely get frustrated when you fail you reach the most appropriate job position for yourself. This may impact your attitude when you are contacted by any of the companies. Mostly, people get stick to single managers of a company. You waste your time calling a single company, rather than looking for some other option. However, there are many more mistakes you definitely commit while searching for a job resultantly fail to find the right job for yourself. 

Here have look at how can your problem of finding a job can be solved. What preference you should set and major considerations while searching for a job position.

Decide the Job Type:

It is quite essential to first decide what type of job you are looking for. In the recent situation of COVID-19, the preference of job type has mostly shifted to remote or freelancing. Whereas, if you are a highly experienced person in a specific field, you need to stick to full-time jobs that are going to make your career. The next sub-category to be filtered in full-time is that whether you want to be employed at an office-based job or work remotely. Thus, always consider these filters to sort out which job you should apply for and increases the chances of employment. 

Or if you don’t have a plan to work for long times as there are many other future priorities. Then you should let the company have an idea of knowing it. Thus, it is preferred to search for a temporary job position in a specific field. However, temporary jobs are not part-time jobs. Never apply to temporary job positions when you are looking for part-time jobs. 

It is very important to know the difference of definitions of different job types so that you can choose which the right to fulfill your requirement. Similarly, a part-time job means to work for a few hours not considering a part-time job as the major source of your income. Mostly, students or people who prefer to earn more money in their free hours search for part-time jobs. Likewise, a full-time job can be remote or in-campus, part-time jobs can also be remote working or in-campus based jobs as well. 

Internships for freshers and non-experienced:

A part of these high paying jobs, there is another category for freshers to gain experience in the relevant field. This category is called Internship. In this type are too again sub-categorized into paid-internship and non-paid internship. If you don’t have any experience at some renowned organization, then you should first go for internships to learn about professional work and know about the office environment more. Make sure that you are sure whether you can work un-paid at an organization. However, there is some organization who merely pay a small amount to internees. 

Thus, it concludes that you have to decide what type you can work on. And set the priority of the platform you are searching for a job accordingly. Consequently, you only get to view those types of jobs which you want. 

Brief your skills and experience:

For instance, you are a 3 Michelin star chef who is capable of presentable and delicious food, is definitely not able to work in the administrative environment of an office. Thus, it clears that you have examined what are your skills and qualification and fits which category of job. If you are a graduate degree holder of finance and banking, then you search specifically for those who are related to the accountants and bank matters. However, if you are prospering in the field of technology, then you have vast options to opt for. Jobs from the field of Technology even presents options for all who are just at the intermediate level or experienced. However, jobs such as online data entry, resume writing, digital marketing, CSR, content creating, designing, developing, etc. are just a few of them in huge demand. As these jobs’ positions require you to have skills rather than any degree. Moreover, any student or jobless person can easily gain such type of skills from any online course portal or special course institutes. Consequently, you just have to be specific in a category, gain maximum experience from it, and then excel ahead. 

Thus, it is the major factory people don’t consider while finding a job. They certainly shift from one field to another. This moves badly impacts your CV, which as a result puts the employer bad go with your resume. Therefore, the most major factor that you have to consider while finding a job is to know the job type you are looking for and what skills experience you have.

Other Factors to consider:

Furthermore, there are some common considerations that too matter while searching for a job:

  • Salary range the job position is offering. 
  • Whether the company is recognized either as a private sector or government. 
  • Working hours, a day, and the type of shift it is. 
  • Location of office, preferably when it is a full-time office-based job. 
  • Additional benefits and bonuses the company is offering. 

Some factors to consider while finding a job verily depends on your interest and the company or job you are looking for.